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The Chambersburg Youth Lacrosse Club (CYLC) was established in February, 2005, by Coach Tim Wilmot , to provide a youth development program and High School program.  On April 1, 2006, led by Coach Paul Flohr, the Chambersburg High School Trojan lacrosse team played its first game at Bishop McDevitt.  Although the first game played was a loss, the High School team secured its first playoff appearance in only its third year (2008) with a 13 win season while sending three players to the Mid-Penn All Area Team.

Our Youth program continued to develop and play in the Western Maryland League until the late 2000's, when our Youth Club made the decision to align closer with our High School program, and play more Central Pennsylvania based Clubs, which eventually organized under the Mid-Penn Youth Lacrosse Association.

In 2016, and with a newly formed and dedicated Youth Lacrosse Club Board led by Jackie Morrison, the youth program nearly doubled in size, and continues to grow annually.  Our focus as the Chambersburg Youth Lacrosse Club is to provide a competitive, safe program to develop young athletes to be successful not only on the field, but off the field as well.  

Integrity, Leadership, Sportsmanship, Hard-Work, and Family are key values we possess and act on as an organization.

In 2018, our Club, along with the Mid-Penn Youth Lacrosse Association will shift our player development model to align with the US Lacrosse Athletic Development Model.  The Lacrosse Athletic Development Model is an organizing framework to help coaches, parents, and program leaders provide what kids need developmentally in order to grow as both athletes and people.  It is about focusing on the athlete first

It is based on what we know about our sport specifically, and on the findings and research put forth about general long-term athlete development first explored by internationally renowned coach educator Istvan Balyi. It is the roadmap for how the sport of lacrosse should structure itself in order that all lacrosse participants are able to realize their full athletic potential and utilize lacrosse as a means to an active and healthy lifestyle. It is how we will provide meaningful lacrosse experiences for all.  We encourage you to learn more about this framework at www.uslacrosse.org/athlete-development/athlete-development-model.

In aligning with the Athletic Development Model, the Chambersburg Youth Lacrosse Club is forming three new teams for the 2018 season; 10U, 12U, and 14U.  In general players in 3rd and 4th grades will play on 10U, players in 5th and 6th grades will play on 12U, and players in 7th and 8th grades will play on 14U.  In addition to those primary teams we are piloting an option for a 8U team for our youngest players.  



This program  is primarily for players in third and fourth grades.  Helmet, pads, mouthguards are required at this age level, as play involves regular sticks and a regular lacrosse ball.  The field of play is half of a regulation field, and offsides is not enforced.  Players can play the full field allowing each to learn different aspects and positions within the game.  In addition, goalies are not required and the focus remains on fun and learning fundamentals.  Competition within the Mid-Penn is introduced at this level, but coaches act as the referee, so coaching should be included throughout the entire game.  



Our 12U program is primarily for our fifth and sixth graders.  At this age level, coaching and competition is elevated in a healthy manner.  Game play moves to a full regulation field, but contact iremains limited with the focus on safety.  At this level, players are coached to understand the rules better, and run basic offensive and defensive sets.  Goalies are required with full pads.



At 14U, we are taking the skills learned to this point, and work to prepare players for High School competition.  This age group is the most competitive team that plays within the Mid-Penn League.  Coaches will focus on developing a players IQ, which includes anticipating opposing players strategy, and seeing and reacting to a faster game.  Our coaches will also focus on developing our players as leaders on and off the field.